​​​​“Hey Will(ys) ... The Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together afforded all the opportunity to both make new and renew past friendships with like-minded fellow Jeep owners, service providers, and parts sellers.  The warm and friendly manner of displayed by Will and his assistants continued to set the tone for a event that is delightful as well as informative for the wide range of attendees - and the event keeps gets better each year!" 

Dan F.

​"You put on a great show I have been a vendor the past 3 years. Lunch was good. Your crew did a fantastic job. Thank you Will." 

Cody H. 

"It was great to start off with for someone like me that is new to all this and I really appreciated the time that most people gave me to give me pointers on different things that I had questions about.  I would also like to thank all the people that donated from the various businesses without them I don’t think the event would be as good as it was and I think winning things is half the fun when you go to these type of events. I had a great time and would like to give a special thanks to Will and his family and others for all the hard work they put into this great event for all of us to enjoy and it’s also great to see this event on the east side so a lot of us can make it without traveling so far.  Thanks again and looking forward to this event next year."

Gary B.

I would like to say I thought the event was very well put together, and all classes of Willy’s were represented well. The show seemed to flow really well and everything went great. It was exciting for me to see all of the old jeeps in one place like this.  Hopefully next year I will be able to bring my 45 column shift 2a along with the 42 mb. (I need to pick up a bigger trailer)  Thanks again for putting on the great Get Together."

​Ryan M. 

"Great job, again, this year Will. It continues to grow every year."

​Denny B.

"This was my 3rd Willy's get together and I cant wait for the next Get Together. Me and my friend really enjoy being with good people and see new Willy creations.  Thank you Will for the good work you are putting into organize this every year. Until next year, take care."

​John G.

" 'Thanks' to you and the staff who provided us with a great show!  Thoroughly enjoyed the time and valued the experience discussing Willys vehicles, components and hearing the variety of stories from other owners!   Nice facility, good food and nice folks!  My friend and I had a super trip to and from the meet, all back roads, no interstates and no mechanical issues! Thanks again."

Steve O.

"We had a wonderful time. We appreciate all you did to put on this event and we are glad we could make it.  Hope who every got the die cast we donated loved it!  Thank you for a wonderful day, great lunch and a dog friendly event our bulldog enjoyed the day in the cool weather."

​David C.